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BreeAnna Marie is an actress, model, singer/songwriter, fashionista, author, director, producer, entrepreneur and an all around entertainer who is soon to be a household name for many. Atlanta’s very own BreeAnna Marie is capable of doing it all. Born and raised from a long line of entertainers, the stage seems like a second home to the young, chic, compassionate, and determined performer.


She began her career at the tender age of 7, and since then, has embarked on her journey to the spotlight. The entertainer got her start in acting by taking on roles in stage plays, commercial work and now acting in multiple films as well as TV series, including being spotted on "The Quad" and "How High 2" to name a few. The multi-talented entertainer has always had a genuine love for creating art in general and with that being said, she has a deep love for performing and music that goes far beyond anything else, believing that she was “made to be heard” and is soon to be. Along with shining bright in front of the camera, she took on many roles behind the scenes as well, including writing and directing while also styling many of her most notable looks.


Spending most of her time on stage, behind the scenes or in the studio, the multi-talented entertainer has already accomplished so much in her years of hard work and has said "the best has yet to come." Along with her long list of talents, determination, and readiness to make her debut, the multi-talented entertainer is a true force to be reckoned with and most definitely someone to keep your eye on.

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